FINGAAH! is a reflex and focus oriented, originated from the classic bar game "The Knife Game". We are helping a drunk who wants to show off to people in the bar by walking the knife between his fingers without hurting himself.. But the taşakmetre at the top left makes our job way harder. They put a "You suck" stamp on the hand while our combo speed decreases and finally ballsmeter reaches to zero. So there is no happy ending. Either that knife will cut somewhere or that hand will be stamped. The goal is to withstand as long as possible.

Bar clichés, hardrock sauces, masculine exaggerations are everywhere from game mechanics to graphics, sound effects and the songs.

There are a number of weird achivements, top lists waiting for ambitious players. Players also can track theirs failures and successes in the "Wow" menu (A global real-time "what is happening" stats can be found on fingaah.com)

In the how menu, the traditional Turkish lacework is a little (easter egg/bonus)for players use Turkish language.


Siis Games’in 3 güzide çalışanı Alper Özgün Yeşil (Tasarımcı), A.Utku Sipahioğlu (Yazılımcı) ve Çağlar Şahin (Müzisyen) bu oyun için ter döktü. Vatan onlara minnettardır...

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